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X-SAX-1: AI Awarness Raising Skills or DIH 

Experiment Description

 The experiment addresses the needs of DIH directly focusing their efforts on SME to raise awareness of benefits of digitalization and AI. The aim is to raise awareness among SME and supporting them in unlocking the technological and economic potential of digitization. Especially the expansion of an DIH’s ecosystem to approach traditional / manufacturing SME as potential technology adopters will be addressed here. The service is, therefore, also relevant for DIH, with predominantly technology providers in their ecosystem, who want to approach SME to specifically raise awareness for AI topics, e.g. in predictive maintenance. The experiment aims to complement DIH skills and knowledge base towards including awareness raising, formulation of SME-focused messages and establishment of SME-oriented Demonstrators. Fraunhofer IFF will use its experience in addressing manufacturing SME in its regions to transfer skills to the receiver DIH and help adapt it to the contextual/cultural environment.  

List Title

Expected Impact

As many maturity assessments are already available on the market, the aim of this service is to collect and visualize the most relevant assessments so to advice users in order for them to benefit from useful and ad-hoc recommendations. Ideally, this process should only take a few minutes to ensure the acceptance of SMEs and other interested companies.  
Initially containing a set of 12-maturity assessment tools identified by the 5 DIHs involved in the DIH4AI Project, this tool is planned to be enlarged by adding the services developed by further DIHs joining the DIH4AI ecosystem via the open calls planned throughout the Project, which would correspond to approximately 20 additional DIHs.  

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