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X-SAX-1: AI Awarness Raising Skills or DIH 

Experiment Description

 The experiment focused on addressing the needs of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), specifically targeting their efforts towards SMEs to enhance awareness of the benefits of digitalization and AI. It successfully raised awareness among SMEs, supporting them in unlocking the technological and economic potential of digitization. A key aspect of the experiment was the expansion of a DIH’s ecosystem to include traditional and manufacturing SMEs as potential technology adopters. The service proved to be highly relevant for DIHs, particularly those with predominantly technology providers in their ecosystem, aiming to specifically raise awareness about AI topics like predictive maintenance. The experiment complemented the skills and knowledge base of DIHs, including enhancing awareness-raising capabilities, formulating SME-focused messages, and establishing SME-oriented demonstrators. Fraunhofer IFF leveraged its experience in engaging manufacturing SMEs in its regions to transfer essential skills to the receiving DIHs. This transfer included adapting the approach to suit the contextual and cultural environments of different regions. The successful completion of this experiment marked a significant step in bridging the gap between technology providers and SMEs, fostering a more inclusive and aware digital and AI ecosystem.

List Title


The service, designed to enhance the utility of existing maturity assessments, successfully compiled and visualized the most pertinent assessments available in the market. Its primary objective was to provide users with practical and tailored recommendations. The process was optimized to be swift, taking only a few minutes, to ensure its acceptance by SMEs and other interested companies. 

Initially, the tool encompassed a set of 12 maturity assessment tools, identified by the five DIHs involved in the DIH4AI Project. In line with the project's growth strategy, the tool was subsequently expanded. This expansion involved incorporating services developed by additional DIHs that joined the DIH4AI ecosystem through open calls held throughout the project. The inclusion of these new services, originating from approximately 20 additional DIHs, significantly broadened the range and relevance of the tools available in the system. This expansion not only enriched the tool's diversity but also enhanced its applicability and value to a wider range of users, fostering a more comprehensive approach to maturity assessment in the context of digital transformation and AI adoption.

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