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The DIH4AI project will hold two Open Calls to attract a set of additional 20 SME-driven experiments with the participation and critical support of DIHs, emphasizing the DIH-SME and DIH-DIH collaboration, with the aim to expand the current AI DIH ecosystem and complementing DIH4AI experiments in three different directions: 


AI Innovative

. . .

to extend the current

AI4EU Toolbox.


. . .

to complement the current smart specializations in the five selected Regions of DIH4AI to other non-tech industries.

DIH-conducted Experiments
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. . .

to directly benefit SMEs in under-represented regions, with the perspective to join in the future the EDIH network Initiative.

Who can apply?

  • Interested SMEs from any EU Member State or associated country that will participate in the projects and experiments, under the coordination of a local DIH.

  • Mini-consortia of max 3 partners are allowed, including at least one SME.

Open Call #1

Launched on September 2021 and closed on January 2022

Open Call #2

Opening on 17 October 2022

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