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Do not miss the EU-IoT Hackathon on sustainable next generation IoT applications!


Between the 27th and the 29th of June 2022 you will have the occasion to participate in the EU-IoT Hackathon, co-located with the international CONASENSE2022 symposium. 


The focus of the Hackathon is on "sustainable next generation IoT applications" Teams of 1-6 persons are invited to submit projects of three different categories, IoT skills training, IoT sustainable business models, IoT novel technical solutions in the context of 6 challenge domains: IoT interfaces, far Edge, near Edge, infrastructure, data spaces, and also: a specific challenge domain of the European Factory Platform (EFPF), with focus on manufacturing. The Hackathon will take place between 27th- 29th June 2022, in Munich (Germany).

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The ICT-49 projects video has been published! 


The video on how the ICT49 projects are currently enriching the EU AI-on-demand platform has been recently published. Inside you can find an overview on how Artificial Intelligence has the potential to digitally transform organisations across many different sectors. To facilitate this transformation the European Commision supported the development of an AI-on-demand platform, which mobilises the European AI Community, to support businesses and provides access to expertise, knowledge, algorithms & tools to successfully apply AI.

The ICT49 projects are currently enriching the AI-on-demand platform with a new set of services to serve the needs of SMEs, DIHs and other organisations.

Inside the video you can find the objectives and the upcoming Open Calls of the projects STAIRWAI, AIPLAN4EU, AI4COPERNICUS, DIH4AI,I-NERGY and BONSAPPS. 

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BIG - The Next Big Thing in Embodied Intelligence - Online Survey


Fortiss is currently working on a strategic research project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) with the title: "BIG - The Next Big Thing in Embodied Intelligence/The Next Big Thing, the key to artificial intelligence". Partners of the foresight study are Siemens AG, the Center for Digital Technology and Management and Deutsches Dialog Institut. 


The key question the research project is addressing is "What influence the digital transformation will have on the global economy now and in the future?", a question of great importance nowadays. From the study, they try to derive recommendations for action for politics, business and science and how our society can counter these developments.


Contribute to this important research, use 15 minutes of your time to participate in the online survey.

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AI4EU Stakeholder Forum


On the 9th and 10th of December 2021 the AI4EU Stakeholder Forum - the Europe’s AI-on-Demand Platform final event - took place in Bologna. On this occasion, Sergio Gusmeroli, research coordinator at Politecnico di Milano and DIH4AI project coordinator, and Giovanna Galasso, Associate Partner at Intellera Consulting, talked about exploitation channels and services of the AI-on-demand platform, DIH4AI, Digital Innovation Hubs and their role in promoting AI at a regional level. 

This event focused on the future of AI at a European level, AI4EU project results, the features of the platform, and especially on the future role of the AI-on-Demand-Platform in supporting the European AI Ecosystem. 

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Insights on Trustworthy AI from the AI4EU workshop "The Culture of Trustworthy AI. Public debate, education, practical learning"


The widespread use of AI technologies in many business sectors has raised questions about their ethicality. In the last few years, a large part of the discourse on AI has pointed out the necessity of designing services aiming at guaranteeing the respect of ethical guidelines in the use of AI tools.

The DIH4AI project addresses this need and follows the path traced by the AI DIH Network Project, proposing a broad set of services that AI DIHs could in the future offer to their networks to tackle legal and ethical issues connected with the development and adoption of AI. 

In the context of the project, experiments are being carried out.

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Don’t miss the Final Report of the AI DIH Network preparatory action


We are happy to share with you the Final Report of the AI DIH Network preparatory action! DIH4AI will leverage on the results of the AI DIH Network project and its methodological framework in order to implement fruitful collaborations among DIHs. If you are interested in structured DIHs cross-border cooperation, in the work of DIHs in the field of AI, and in the experience with 30 DIHs from across Europe, do not miss this opportunity and download the AI DIH Network final report below!

For more information on the AI DIH Network project please visit:

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Explore the AI DIH Network blueprint for cross-border collaboration among DIHs


The document provides an overview of what it means to be an AI DIH, how to get ready for cross-border collaboration and how to evaluate the readiness to cooperate. In addition, the blueprint also presents some key outcomes of the AI DIH Network project, including structured cooperation scenarios and policy recommendations.

For more information on the AI DIH Network project please visit:

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The DIH4AI Kick off Meeting


12 Partners from 6 European countries have kick-off the EU-funded ICT-49 project DIH4AI. The launch meeting was held online with more than sixty enthusiastic and skilled participants, looking forward to work together to valuably expand services and domains of the AI European landscape, by connecting Pan-European and Regional AI-on-demand platforms for the benefit and with the engagement of SMEs and GovTech agencies.

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