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Experiment Description

In the context of this experiment, expertise in assessing digital and AI maturity, determining the appropriate level of investment, and defining suitable business models are the key elements to be shared. Therefore, the methodology determined by the Prague DIH has been taken as a basis and it has been enriched by the experience of foreign colleagues.  

Therefore, the experiment aimed at creating a comprehensive European methodology which should be versatile enough to assess AI business plans of the SMES from different countries. However, its sections should be sufficiently subversive and flexible to be able to evaluate the company in the required detail. At least 3 SMEs (each from different country) shall be assessed using this methodology. 


The process of this experiment has been planned according to this path: 

  • Involved DIHs were meant to organize a common workshop involving the 30-50 directors of selected SMEs – the companies with the high innovation potential lacking foreign financial resources;

  • At the workshop, the importance of assessing which implementations are the most optimal for their future economic success is meant to be highlighted; 

  • SMEs shall be helped in identifying the biggest opportunities in which AI areas to invest in order to boost their world-wide competitiveness, increase flexibility and improve their product and gain more customers. Business models and its business goals are considered in the first place;

  • By participating in this AI business experiment, SMEs are meant to gain the latest knowledge in the field of production and digital and AI technologies. At the same time, SME could get experience from specialists or companies that are at a higher level in the implementation of digitization and AI technologies;

  • Companies that are interested to the experiment, are planned to benefit from a quality assessment consultation performed by our consultants on the company’s premises. Alternatively, depending on the pandemic situation, simplified online consultations are meant to take place; 

  • The resulting plan shall serve as a basis for banks to assess the business potential and health of the company when applying for loans or as a basis for applying for subsidies, both at a local and European level.

List Title

Expected Impact


Creating the first iterations of the methodology should be discussed with the partners. The discussion with the partners should lead to the enrichment of the methodology. Finding suitable external partners that will help with the assessment of the relevance of the methodology and with the dissemination and raising of awareness about the possibility of using the methodology. Furthermore, preparation discussions of the joint workshop for SMEs should lead to service exploitation by interested SMEs.

During the experiment 

Creating enriched versions of the methodology should lead to its complexity and versatility. Translation of the methodology that should lead to regional applicability. Organization of the workshop, its follow-up, and long-term work with the participants to use the service of the business plan assessment and exploitation of the assessment´s results.

End of experiment 

Completed comprehensive and versatile European methodology. By assessing companies using this methodology should increase of competititveness of at least 3 SMEs.

X-PRAG-3: AI Business Plan Assessment 

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