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Experiment Description

The experiment successfully created a comprehensive catalogue of cross-DIH level experiments, carried out by DIHs in partnership with SMEs. This catalogue, now a key resource for future initiatives, includes detailed descriptions of each experiment, the SMEs involved, and the DIHs' roles. It covers various aspects such as the SMEs' size, region, activity focus, production type, and their digital maturity stage. Additionally, the experiments are categorized by type, technology used, timeframe, funding opportunities, and other collaborating entities like academic and research centers. Fully compatible with the existing DIH4AI portal, this catalogue effectively compiles and shares valuable insights and experiences from cross-DIH collaborations, enhancing the digital innovation landscape for SMEs and DIHs.

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The experiment has effectively showcased research and innovation results to the European AI innovation community, leading to the widespread dissemination of good practices among European DIHs and SMEs. This has brought economies of scale and numerous benefits, particularly in enhancing AI activities in the corporate sector.The creation of a catalogue of cross-DIH experiments has provided SMEs with a comprehensive overview of national and European level experiments, improving the application of R&D into new products, opening new markets, and boosting competitiveness through added value and innovation. Key achievements include establishing a record of over 30 high-value cross-DIH experiments, motivating SMEs to increase innovation and R&D activities, and accelerating their transition to digital technologies like AI and robotics. The experiment has also heightened awareness of digital innovation opportunities, leading to economic growth, better investment in high-value production, and stronger positions in value chains. Furthermore, it has significantly enhanced digital and AI skills among SME employees and raised public awareness of these technologies, marking a substantial step forward in the digital transformation journey.

X-PRAG-2: Catalogue of experiments at cross-DIH level   

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