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Experiment Description

Prague, Munich, and Saxony-Anhalt DIHs jointly organized an AI Winter School putting together their complementary expertise in the field of AI and related sub-disciplines and techniques. The main topic of the winter school was the introduction of specific industrial solutions based on the use of AI methods. Basic theoretical concepts were presented during the individual lectures first, with their concrete application to the task at hand being later presented. Furthermore, the winter school also dealt with the issue represented by technology transfer from research environment to industrial practice, with the main pitfalls and recommended having been discussed among participants. At the same time, the winter school offered an overview of the various and different financial instruments that can support technology transfer. Additionally, since the winter school took place at CTU facilities, the program also included excursions to individual laboratories, where participants were offered the chance to see live demonstrations of the use of AI for specific manufacturing applications.   

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Expected Impact

The preparation of the experiment was entirely dedicated to formulate different application scenarios for the use of Artificial Intelligence methods in industrial applications and to identify key competencies necessary for the implementation of AI methods in industrial practice. During this phase, teaching materials and experience were also enriched with the expertise acquired during previous AI-focused projects which was also planned to be used beyond the scope of the winter school.


During the experiment 
During the summer school, new contacts were be made and existing links between participants were further strengthened. The feedback from participants also allowed to identify bottlenecks that might prevent a greater diffusion of AI approaches in industrial practice.


End of the experiment 
The expected outcome of the planned event was to increase awareness of the possibilities of using AI to address specific challenges faced by industrial companies.

X-PRAG-1: AI DIH Winter School  

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