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X-PAR-2: AI EU Consortia 

Experiment Description

 In the context of EU-funded DIH4AI project, Paris-Region Digihall, DIH Saxony-Anhalt (IFF Fraunhofer Magdeburg) and the Bavaria DIH (Fortiss) joined efforts to connect their respective ecosystems in order to discuss best practices as well as barriers/obstacles in the use of AI4EU platform and resources, and more generally in using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This webinar is organised by Paris-Region Digihall, DIH Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria DIH with the support of Intellera and adressed the topic of « Trustworthy AI » for AI adopters. Partners in the DIH4AI project consider it important to raise awareness among SMEs on cross-cutting AI-related issues, that will impact them in the future such as possible new regulations or standards. This « Pan-EU AI adopters’ ecosystem » webinar raised awareness among SMEs within the respective ecosystems about ethics in AI, and helped demystify the concept by giving concrete examples. It is also expected that this experiment will generate ideas among participants for potential future collaboration, for instance in EU-funded projects relating to AI and ethics. The European dimension brought by this type of event will bring benefits to participants such as new contacts and renewed interest in the topic.

List Title

Expected Impact

The idea was to leverage both DIH capacities to mobilize their ecosystem: this would give French and German SMEs the opportunity to join the core group of proposal makers, facilitating the possibility to create real EU collaborations and hence guaranteeing basic eligibility criteria for participation in collaborative project. In this sense, such experiment could be widened and opened to other DIH partners.

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