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X-PAR-1: Pan-EU AI Adopters Ecosystem

Experiment Description

Led by DIGIHALL and in collaboration with Saxony-Anhalt DIH, the successful initiative aimed at connecting their communities resulted in the exchange of best practices and shared methodologies to navigate the challenges of using the AI4EU platform and AI in general. As part of this effort, DIGIHALL and DIH Saxony-Anhalt jointly organized a webinar focused on AI ethics and trustworthy AI. This event was crucial in raising awareness among SMEs about cross-cutting AI-related issues, preparing them for potential future regulations or standards.

The webinar effectively tested the interest of DIHs’ customers in AI ethics and trustworthy AI topics. Building on this success, another webinar was planned, with the potential involvement of other DIHs to foster wider collaborations. This series of webinars not only educated SMEs on crucial aspects of AI but also strengthened the network and collaboration among different DIHs, enhancing the collective understanding and application of AI across various regions and sectors.

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The Pan-EU AI adopters ecosystem successfully raised awareness among SMEs within their respective ecosystems about ethics in AI. By providing concrete examples, the initiative helped demystify the concept of AI ethics. This effort not only enlightened the participants on this crucial aspect but also sparked ideas for potential future collaborations, particularly in relation to other EU-funded projects that intersect AI and ethics.

The European dimension of this event proved to be particularly beneficial, offering participants new contacts and renewing their interest in the topic. This broader perspective fostered a sense of unity and collaboration across borders, enhancing the overall understanding and application of ethical AI practices. The success of this initiative marked a significant step forward in integrating ethical considerations into AI adoption among SMEs across Europe.

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