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Experiment Description

Jointly developed by DIHs of Munich, Paris, Saxony-Anhalt and CIIRC/CTU, the solution allows to run a quick check of maturity assessments available on the European market, starting from the services each of the 4 partner DIHs does provide.  
Such check will lead to the identification and development of a categorisation system thanks to which interested end users will be able to find the most suitable maturity assessment available for them. In addition to this goal, the DIHs involved in the experiment are working to expand the scope of the check, as it will not only cover AI related maturity assessments but also a wider range of assessments to be adopted in the fields of digitization, industry 4.0 or software development. Such decision was taken considering that most SMEs looking for AI solutions are still dealing with the challenges related to the fact that they are still experiencing earlier digitization stages.  

List Title

Expected Impact

As many maturity assessments are already available on the market, the aim of this service is to collect and visualize the most relevant assessments so to advice users in order for them to benefit from useful and ad-hoc recommendations. Ideally, this process should only take a few minutes to ensure the acceptance of SMEs and other interested companies.  
Initially containing a set of 12-maturity assessment tools identified by the 5 DIHs involved in the DIH4AI Project, this tool is planned to be enlarged by adding the services developed by further DIHs joining the DIH4AI ecosystem via the open calls planned throughout the Project, which would correspond to approximately 20 additional DIHs.  

X-MUC-1: Quick Check – Maturity Assessments 

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