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Experiment Description

Jointly developed by the DIHs of Munich, Paris, Saxony-Anhalt, and CIIRC/CTU, the solution successfully enabled a quick check of maturity assessments available on the European market, based on the services provided by each of the four partner DIHs. This initiative led to the development of a categorization system, which allows end users to easily find the most suitable maturity assessment tailored to their specific needs. Beyond its initial scope, the solution was expanded to encompass not only AI-related maturity assessments but also a broader range of evaluations in digitization, Industry 4.0, and software development. This expansion was driven by the recognition that many SMEs seeking AI solutions are concurrently navigating earlier stages of digitization. By addressing these broader needs, the solution provided a more holistic approach to assessing and aiding the maturity of SMEs in various technological domains. This comprehensive approach not only streamlined the process of finding suitable assessments but also ensured that the diverse needs of SMEs at different stages of digital transformation were adequately met.

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The service, developed with the aim of enhancing the utility of existing maturity assessments, successfully collected and visualized the most relevant assessments on the market to provide users with useful and customized recommendations. Designed to be user-friendly and efficient, the process was optimized to take just a few minutes, ensuring high acceptance among SMEs and other interested companies. Initially, the tool included a set of 12 maturity assessment tools identified by the five DIHs involved in the DIH4AI Project. In line with the project's expansion plans, the tool was further enriched by incorporating services developed by additional DIHs joining the DIH4AI ecosystem. This expansion occurred through open calls planned throughout the project, leading to the inclusion of services from approximately 20 new DIHs. This growth not only increased the variety of tools available in the tool but also enhanced its relevance and applicability to a broader range of users and contexts within the AI and digital transformation landscape.

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X-MUC-1: Quick Check – Maturity Assessments 

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