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I-SAX-3: AI CheckUp

Experiment Description

The experiment includes the development and testing of a holistic company analysis to identify AI use cases based on a maturity level. It is based on a maturity model to determine the AI maturity of specific company- oriented use cases. Its objective is to derive potentials, individual measures and new solution possibilities in the value creation to optimize said use cases with the help of AI algorithms, which can ultimately serve as a decision-making template for the company.

With the recording and analysis of the current state as a basis, possible application fields are identified and decision-maker-oriented awareness-raising and target-focusing measures are proposed. We use expert interviews and on-site inspections for an application case-specific classification. The basis for this is our maturity model with AI-specific action areas. We evaluate efficiency improvement potentials and derive individual measures to increase AI maturity. Based on our feasibility analysis for the introduction and realization of AI solutions, we jointly develop a decision template in the form of an "AI Use Case Canvas". The included cost-benefit analysis makes the concrete added value apparent.

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The project with SMEs has successfully achieved its objectives, offering substantial benefits. SMEs participating in the project have gained a clear classification of their company compared to selected use cases, providing them with a better understanding of where they stand in terms of AI readiness and application. Comprehensive feasibility checks were conducted, assessing the requirements and prerequisites for integrating AI into their value creation processes. This led to the identification and prioritization of relevant operational use cases, including a detailed cost-benefit analysis for each.

A significant outcome was the development of a decision template, serving as a powerful tool for managers and decision-makers. This template facilitated informed decisions regarding the adoption of AI-supported processes, products, services, and even the exploration of new business models. The project also played a crucial role in strengthening the innovative power of the participating SMEs, thereby enhancing their competitive advantage in their respective markets. This comprehensive approach has not only enabled SMEs to make strategic moves towards AI integration but has also positioned them favorably for future technological advancements.

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