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I-SAX-1: Better access to finance for AI services

Experiment Description

The experiment identified needs of companies in financing AI projects. A key partner was be the Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Magdeburg. Based on its experience information was collected by a questionnaire, sent out to companies in the DIH ecosystem. Focus was to put on the decision and application process for regional, national and European funding sources, as these are the preferred funding sources for constituent SME. Answers were given to questions about the procedure, challenges and knowledge about funding. The aim was to identify hurdles that prevent companies from applying for or receiving these funds. The intention was to find out whether SMEs have prior knowledge of their funding opportunities in certain areas. The results of the survey should help to facilitate access to funding and break down the barriers in order to support the expansion of AI services.

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Increased transparency with respect to funding and easier access to said funding sources will be the main impact for SME. A main component will be the reduction in time and effort for SME to get necessary information on potential funding and to facilitate the application process. The experiment will help the DIH to develop a structure for the information gathering as well as experiment with different ways of delivering information to its constituent SME. 

Check the pilot video

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