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Experiment Description

The purpose of this experiment was to create a catalogue of experiments performed by DIH CTU CIIRC with the Czech SMEs. The catalogue will contain at least 7 joint experiments of our DIH CTU CIIRC with the Czech SMEs.

To be useful in practice, and served as a basis for further use and development, the catalogue of the realized experiments shall contained not only a sole description of the particular experiments, but also a description of the type of the SME/SMEs with which the experiment has been realized. 

Involved SMEs were characterized by the following parameters:

  • Size of the company, region, the focus of activity, production type

  • Stage of the digital maturity

The experiments were categorized as well, e.g., by the following criteria:

  • Type of the experiment: technology, advisory, education, etc.

  • Technology supported

  • Time framework

  • Possibility of subsidy or loan gain

  • Other parties involved (i.e. academy, innovation and research centers, infrastructure such as Testbeds

  • Other significant information

Connectivity with other suitable national academies, industrial and government portals is a must.

List Title


This experiment intended to increase mobility and knowledge transfer within at least 10 joint projects of entrepreneurs and academia, in which there wasa transfer of knowledge and direct application of research findings in the company, which were of strategic importance for its further development.
These are activities with the participation of academy experts that actively seeked at least 10 partners from the business sector and offered unique knowledge and know-how created in an academic, research organization, and professional university workplaces. 

I-PRAG-2:  Catalogue of local experiments 

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