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I-PAR-3: AI adopters' ecosystem

Experiment Description

The experiment "AI adopters’ ecosystem", led by Systematic, aimed to create an AI adopters’ ecosystem that federates AI end-users and technology providers with the objective to link in with the future AI on-demand platform.  In order to do this, DIGIHALL leveraged the “Data Science and AI Hub” (DSAI), an existing AI community   animated by Deep Tech cluster Systematic Paris Region, part of DIGIHALL.  The regional AI community offers  the opportunity to exchange on best practices as well as work together to identify obstacles in the use of AI.  The DSAI Hub's main mission is to provide regional economic actors with tools among the most innovative in their markets, by integrating AI in their solutions.

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The successful completion of this experiment significantly elevated the profile and visibility of the Data Science and AI hub, spearheaded by the Deep Tech cluster Systematic. This initiative has not only heightened awareness about the hub's pivotal role in the AI sector but also substantially expanded its reach within the regional AI ecosystem. By engaging with a broader spectrum of stakeholders, the project fostered deeper collaborations and knowledge sharing, thereby strengthening the hub's position as a central node for innovation and expertise in the field of Data Science and AI.

Check the pilot video

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