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I-NL-4: Plug&Play SCSN-based AI services 

Experiment Description

The South Netherlands DIH has successfully supported equipment manufacturing companies in their transition to digital Industry 4.0. The primary challenge addressed was the difficulty of linking ICT systems across companies, particularly throughout the entire supply network. Traditionally, this issue was managed manually, with employees transferring information from incoming orders into their own systems. In response, SCSN developed a communication standard that facilitates easier, safer, and more reliable data sharing across company borders in the machine building industry.

In this experiment, the aim was to expand the existing infrastructure, which was already being utilized by 10 service providers and 300 manufacturing companies. The focus was to go beyond the current purchase-to-pay services and include additional offerings. One of the key achievements was the successful scaling of the AI-based Translation and Integration Service (ATIS). This innovation allowed third-parties to leverage the translation services of specific providers, significantly enhancing the impact and reach of these services. This expansion not only streamlined data sharing and communication within the manufacturing sector but also marked a significant advancement in the industry's digital transformation journey.

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The network, initially used for sharing purchase-to-pay information, has successfully expanded its capabilities. This enhancement involved allowing a broader range of data to be shared and enabling AI-based services on the network. A significant part of this expansion was supporting the creation of business cases for these new AI-based services. This support included the development of a full set of services, clear identification of the added value for members, providing a legal framework with a revenue model, and the ability to connect to an existing network of industry partners.

Furthermore, this expansion had a transformative impact by enabling entirely new business models. Before, SCSN primarily connected manufacturing companies through their ERP vendors. The opening up of the network brought in new companies with various specialties, adding significant value. The availability of new services allowed all network members to easily utilize these services through their already connected IT systems. This development provided the members with new capabilities, significantly enhancing their competitiveness in the market. The successful implementation of these changes marked a notable advancement in the digital and AI capabilities of the network, paving the way for further innovation and growth in the industry.

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