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I-NL-2: Industry 4.0 Blueprint/Scale AI Innovation  

Experiment Description

This experiment set out to make technical innovations regarding industry 4.0 more accessible to companies and SMEs in particular. There are already lots of developments in the field of automation, digitalization and the use of data in manufacturing, but these are often difficult to put in context or translate to action within a company. Especially within small and medium sized enterprises where there is limited capacity to take risks on new innovations or conduct lengthy research in what is already available.

This experiment defined generic building blocks which can be used to realize industry 4.0 applications and innovate within the manufacturing domain. These building blocks are structured along the RAMI 4.0 model and are initially selected to enable the use cases found in experiment 2.3.1. As multiple technologies can be used to fulfill the same function the result of this experiment were a set of building blocks which are partially interchangeable and together make up a way to implement industry 4.0 ideas.

Moreover, a subset of these building blocks will be used to realize a reference implementation and demonstrate an AI driven planning solution.

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By explicitly stating which technologies and standards build on each other, which are alternatives to each other and which are required for a given use case, a one-stop-shop for industry 4.0 implementations is created. This enabled both large and small companies to quickly adopt new innovations and aid the providers of these technologies in quickly developing their market.

The cooperation with Brainport created a community of users and developers in the industry 4.0 domain. This enabled a feedback loop of which technologies worked or were missing, as well as provide input regarding new innovations which can be added to the already set of building blocks.

The combination of these building blocks, in combination with a reference implementation of them, accelerated the adoption of the technologies in industry 4.0 and make these more accessible to smaller companies.

Check the pilot video

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