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Experiment Description

The AI Engineering Check is Fortiss format for the development of AI/ML enabled products. The purpose was to get an overview of current or planned development activities - starting from data engineering to model management and pipeline/workflow automation. As the operationalization of AI/ML prototypes (MLOps) often fails in practice, we analyzed which techniquest are already in use and which competencies can potentially be targeted to master complexity and traceability.

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Organizations perceived an overall evaluation of their AI development activities and competencies. On the basis of the results, improvements were identified in a personal workshop, incentives werecreated and, based on the best practices, concrete action measures were developed to transform organizations into the mastery of AI engineering. The AI engineering check can continue to be carried out at regular intervals in order to track progress and make improvements visible in the long term.

Check the pilot video

I-MUC-4: AI Engineering Check

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