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I-MUC-2: Edge AI Ecosystem   

Experiment Description

The Edge AI ecosystem corresponds to a set of tools and services to be developed by Fortiss in the context of the Munich Innovation Hub for applied AI that can assist in a better understanding, training, and development of Edge AI solutions. The ecosystem aims at promoting cooperation, technology exchange and knowledge exchange between industry and academia in Edge AI Engineering topics concerning the support of next generation IoT applications in multiple domains. Key services to be offered are: an online Edge AI catalogue of 
existing services, in particular open-source services; training events such as webinars in TinyML for industrial IoT.


The primary anticipated impact of the experiment revolves around energizing and stimulating growth within the Edge AI community. This focus involves placing significant emphasis on the development and promotion of sustainable IoT (Internet of Things) services and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things). By "dynamization," it's meant that the experiment aims to catalyze innovation, encourage collaboration, and foster a more vibrant and active Edge AI ecosystem. This could involve various activities like facilitating knowledge sharing, hosting events or workshops, and supporting research and development projects that align with sustainable IoT and AIoT goals. The emphasis on sustainable IoT services indicates a commitment to developing IoT solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. This could include optimizing energy use, using sustainable materials in IoT devices, and ensuring that IoT deployments contribute positively to their communities.

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