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I-MUC-1: AI Smart Energy Living lab   

Experiment Description

Fortiss offered a workshop to build a renewable energy resource device – namely a Smart Solar Box (SSB). Due to an openEMS fork, it is capable of generating electricity via PV modules, and monitor the output. Furthermore, it offers several interfaces, MQTT, REST, and OPC UA, to access the generated data. Using the monitored data, the participants can start to train an AI/ML model to predict future generation. As an alternative AI/ML methods can be applied to determine the current SoC – of the battery inside.

List Title


Understand the challenges in PV generation and ways to mitigate unpredictable generation, using AI-based forecasting. The role of buffering capacity as an important component in renewable energy systems. The monitoring, buffering and forecasting techniques can be adapted to be used in any energy consuming process, e.g. for peak consumption monitoring, forecasting and shaving.

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