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Experiment Description

The experiment is designed for SMEs, who want to improve digital and AI technology maturity. One to five Czech SMEs will be selected and supported by digital and AI expert consultations in the form of DigiAudit. CTU will monitor whether digital and AI performance and skills of top management of the selected SMEs will improve by participating in this experiment.
The process of this experiment will be as follows:

  • A team of independent experts of National Centre for Industry 4.0, part of CIIRC-CTU will develop independent digitization and AI audit methodology that will allow SMEs to assess their level of maturity in terms of digitization of processes and the level of established digital and AI technology, i.e. a comprehensive analysis of all production processes in the SME, which appropriately combines generalized levels of processes with specific examples of digital and AI technologies.

  • The first step in the digital and AI audit process will be the digital and AI maturity questionnaire - the basis for structured interviews with the company's management and a guided discussion in the form of targeted questions. It will introduce assessors to specific areas of companies and will prepare the ground for additional questions.

  • The processing of evaluations will be divided into two parts, evaluation part and design part. During the evaluation phase, general information will be collected, motivation and priorities will be assessed, the level of process digitization and AI technologies will be evaluated, processes with potential for improvement identified and the technology will be thoroughly mapped. The design part, on the other hand, will summarize the results, create benchmarks, and design a roadmap to increase the overall level of digital maturity.

Subsequently, the outputs will be summarized in the feasibility study and presented to the selected company´s management for comments and approval. The results will be consulted in detail and management of the selected SMEs will be learned about our findings

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Expected Impact

The resulting digitalization plan tailored-made by CTU experts shall help 1-5 SMEs to boost their digital and AI performance and skills in the following ways:

  • Management of the selected SMEs should learn how to assess digital and AI maturity of their company, how to identify those areas in which to invest. Further, management of the selected SMEs shall be able to evaluate financial demands of the solutions, its returns and economic benefits for the future operation of SMEs.

  • Management of the selected SMEs will learn about the technology possibilities, suitable for their company.

  • CIIRC CTU aims to help the selected SMEs in their way of digital and AI transformation from low cost subcontractors to independent and flexible digital and AI based organizations with high value-added production. The aim is not only to identify areas of companies to increase their digital level, but to identify those areas in which "as little financial and time investment as possible" will increase the company's competitiveness as much as possible by increasing its digital and AI level.

  • Provision of clear and comprehensive information about the technical complexity of the solution, its return and economic benefits for the future operation of the company to the selected SMEs so to increase their competitiveness thanks to a comparison with the benchmark of the industry.

I-PRAG-3: AI and Industry 4.0 readiness assessment of companies

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