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I-PAR-3: AI adopters' ecosystem

Experiment Description

The experiment "AI adopters’ ecosystem", led by Systematic, aims to create an AI adopters’ ecosystem that federates AI end-users and technology contributors with the objective to link in with the future AI on-demand platform. In order to do this, DIGIHALL will leverage the “Data Science and AI Hub”, an existing AI community which is animated by Deep Tech cluster Systematic Paris Region, part of DIGIHALL. The AI community offers the opportunity to exchange on best practices as well as work together to identify obstacles in the use of AI. The DS&AI Hub's main mission is to provide regional economic actors with a maximum of tools to be among the most innovative in their markets, by integrating AI in their solutions.

List Title

Expected Impact

The main expected impact of this experiment is to raise awareness and visibility of the Data Science and AI hub led by Deep Tech cluster Systematic and to widen its outreach within the regional AI ecosystem.

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