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Using Smart Chatbots and Adaptive Ontologies for Improving Public Information Transparency for a Participative European Citizenship (SCALE)

The SCALE project, part of the DIH4AI initiative, aimed to develop a sophisticated and interoperable chatbot to enhance interactions between citizens and public authorities, ultimately contributing to the digitalization of public services in Romania. The project's objectives included developing an AI-powered chatbot for efficient citizen-public administration interaction, standardizing the chatbot's ontology for easy implementation across various public authorities, and ensuring interoperability with the AI4EU platform for Europe-wide utilization. Additionally, SCALE intended to promote the chatbot among Romanian public authorities to facilitate citizen engagement. The project addressed the low digitization level of Romanian public authorities and the diverse needs of a globally dispersed Romanian population, emphasizing the need for multimodal interfaces and interactions. The expected outcomes included increased citizen-authority interaction and significantly reduced time for accessing public information.

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