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Automated Predictive Maintance for SMEs (AUTOMAINT)

The AUTOMAINT experiment, developed by INTELLIA ICT and ESDA DIH aimed to build a cloud-based system enabling both professional and non-professional data scientists to create high-quality predictive models for optimized maintenance of industrial machinery. Focusing on the challenges faced by manufacturing industries, particularly in predictive maintenance, the project sought to reduce downtime and improve product quality. By leveraging Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), AUTOMAINT allowed users to build models for various tasks such as Classification, Regression, and Time-series Forecasting. The system facilitated the selection of the best performing models based on user preferences and performance metrics, ultimately leading to the deployment of these models in real-world settings. The final outcome of AUTOMAINT, an open-source solution, was integrated with the AI4EU platform, supporting its widespread use and adaptability.

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