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Developing ArtificialIntelligence capability for manufacturing optimization (AI4optimaps)

The AI4OPTIMAPS experiment was specifically designed to empower European manufacturing SMEs with advanced AI-based tools for improving their planning and forecasting processes. This initiative was a response to the need for greater digitization in SMEs, focusing on equipping them with capabilities for rapid, data-driven decision-making. The project aimed to significantly improve production outcomes and minimize operational costs. It involved a collaborative effort between a small or medium-sized enterprise and two Digital Innovation Hubs from different European regions, highlighting the importance of cross-regional cooperation. The heart of this project was the enhancement of the OptimAPS software, which was to be developed further with sophisticated AI features for forecasting. These features were tailored to meet the unique needs of manufacturing SMEs, with a particular focus on automating and refining production planning processes to align closely with actual outcomes. This approach was expected to boost the accuracy of future planning and operational efficiency in SMEs.

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