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Artificial Intelligence optical character recognition for customs Clearance (AI4Clearance)

The AI4Clearance experiment. developed by Usyncro aimed to modernize customs clearance processes through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies. This initiative focused on automating the recognition, classification, and extraction of data from import/export documents, addressing the challenge of efficiently handling a high volume of paper invoices in customs offices. The goal was to facilitate faster, more secure customs declarations, especially for low-value consignments, thereby reducing manual data entry and processing time. This was expected to enhance the efficiency of customs agents, improve tax administration, and integrate smoothly with existing IT systems of customs and economic operators. The project was particularly relevant in light of the EU's new VAT e-commerce rules, requiring VAT on all imported goods regardless of value. AI4Clearance also aimed at improving compliance, document security, and business insights through predictive analytics and data visualization. It involved collaborations with various stakeholders to test and optimize AI-based solutions in real-world scenarios.

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