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I-NL-1: Portfolio of generic value cases 

Experiment Description

n Europe. These generic value propositions are to be abstract enough to be applicable for most, if not all, manufacturing companies, but also provide clear steps towards implementing them in a company’s specific application.This experiment is performed in the DIH South Netherlands in cooperation with the Brainport Industries Campus and the associated companies. Through thiscollaboration the generic value propositions are identified and demonstration are developed to both prove the concept of the generic value propositions, as well as provide reference implementations for them.The outcome of this experiment is a one-stop-shop for some of the most common industry 4.0 cases describing what they are, why they are worth to invest in and how they can be implemented

List Title


Making efficient use of available technologies and applying the thinking and potential of industry 4.0 innovation would aid in the competitiveness of European companies. This experiment provided a set of generic use cases companies can use in their adoption of Industry 4.0 innovation. Although this experiment is being performed in association with the Southern Netherlands DIH its results are applicable to manufacturing companies throughout Europe as they provide clear starting point for the digitalization of a manufacturing environment and using the data for a multitude of applications ranging from analytics to supply chain coordination and advanced applications of artificial intelligence. The experiment also provided reference use cases where these ideas have already been applied which can be used as further guidance towards determining which developments are most interesting to a company and how one may apply these in their own application

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