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I-NL-3: Industry 4.0 Business case methodology 

Experiment Description

SMEs and manufacturing companies face the challenge to start digitalizing their production and apply AI technologies in practice. Manufacturing companies are generally aware of the high-level benefits of digitalization but (1) are not aware how to start digitizing, and (2) find it challenging to quantify the (short-term) benefits of digitalization and AI technologies. Therefore, companies might postpone investment in these technologies, a trend which is being strengthen by increasingly growing order portfolio, shortage of materials, and shortage of human capacity. This experiment aims to enhance the willingness by SMEs to digitalize their supply chain by providing more insights in the advantages, return on investments, and supporting SMEs to take the first digitalization step.

List Title

Expected Impact

The expected impact is to create an integrated toolkit of resources which can be used by SMEs to determine their business case of digitizing their supply chains. The impact of this toolkit will be to increase the network of digitized manufacturers in the region of South Netherlands. 

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